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Faculty Perspectives: Open Textbooks in the Classroom and Funding Opportunities

Join the Washington Research Library Consortium Textbook Affordability Working Group for a brief introduction to open textbooks and a panel discussion featuring three faculty members who teach with them. All teaching instructors attending will have the opportunity to earn a $200 stipend by posting a review of an open textbook!


Welcome - Introduction to Open Textbooks and Faculty Funding Opportunity

  • Kevin Gunn, Catholic University

Faculty Discussion Panel

  • Dr. Sen Chiao, professor at Howard University's Program in Atmospheric Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Dr Sarah Fischer, professor of Criminal Justice at Marymount University

  • Dr. Amanda Hinojosa, professor at Howard University’s Business School

  • Jennifer Yang, Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, Marymount University


  • Angelique Carson, WRLC

Angelique Carson, WRLC
Kevin Gunn, Catholic University