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Opening The Door For OER Conversations With Faculty On Your Campus

The WRLC Textbook Affordability Working Group will present an interactive overview of their successes as advocates for open textbooks. WRLC’s membership in the Open Education Network and funding of a faculty review stipend program has opened a new door of opportunity for faculty to understand and use equitable course materials.


1. Identify ways that WRLC is supporting affordable course materials for student success.
2. Explain faculty perceptions about the quality of materials in the Open Textbook Library.
3. Discuss specific examples of OER outreach that individual campuses in the consortium have found effective and why.
4. Provide key information and resources for effective conversations with faculty about switching to open and affordable course materials.

Dorinne Banks, George Washington University, Open Education Librarian,
Angelique Carson, Howard University, Head of Access Service,
Jenise Overmier, Marymount University, Instruction & Open Education Librarian
Joel Shields, WRLC, UX and Emerging Technologies Librarian,