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Faculty Perspectives: Open Textbooks in the Classroom and Funding Opportunities

Textbook affordability continues to be a serious concern for our students. What is the result of the unchecked commercial textbook publishing market? Most students will never purchase the required textbook- directly informing student success, retention and equity in the classroom. Open Education Resources (OER) for higher education have made significant progress over the last few decades and peer- reviewed textbooks and instructional material are now routinely and successfully used by instructors at fellow research universities across the country- including your own!

Join the Washington Research Library Consortium Textbook Affordability Working Group for a brief introduction to open textbooks and a panel discussion featuring three faculty members who teach with them. All teaching instructors attending will have the opportunity to earn a $200 stipend by posting a review of an open textbook!

Panelists include Alexa Alice Joubin, George Washington University; Eugene Montague George Washington University; and Dorothy Phaire, University of the District of Columbia.

Ellie Bernard-Wesson, Gallaudet University
Melissa Foge, Catholic University