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WRLC Open Textbook Review Stipend Workshop

The workshop includes:

  • Brief overview of open educational resources, which will be provided digitally prior to the workshop to those who have registered

  • Hands-on opportunity to engage with open textbooks

  • Librarians by your side to answer your questions

  • Post-workshop, participants will have the opportunity to write a short review of an open textbook from the OTN Library


Each reviewer will receive a $200 stipend upon completion of the review, funded by Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC)
  • Reviews will be published on the Open Textbook Library website, where it can help other faculty who are adopting open textbooks across the globe.

We look forward to your company at the workshop!



Complete the following steps to prepare for a dialog focused workshop on December 2nd OR 9th:

Step 1: Watch this short tutorial for an overview of textbook affordability. (Estimated time commitment = 3 minutes)

Step 2: Read the Open Textbook Library FAQ page for a concise introduction to open educational materials and the Open Textbook Library. (Estimated time commitment = 5 minutes)

Step 3: Scan the WRLC Stipend Eligibility slides (Estimated time commitment = 2 minutes)

Step 4: Make note of any questions you have so we can address them at the workshop.


Jenise Overmier, Marymount University
Dorinne Banks, George Washington University
Angelique Carson, Howard University
Stephanie Ko, American University